More than standard – special transports from ATH

Some freights need more than the standard treatment. With ATH you have a strong partner for the transport of your special cargoes. In close cooperation with you, our team develops a service package that meets your specific requirements.

Freights with special requirements

All orders are unique, and the goods often require special handling. Also, time is often a decisive factor when it comes to very urgent emergency supplies or the transportation of perishable or pharmaceutical goods. Also, loads with exceptional dimensions cannot always be carried on standard transporters.

What we offer

  • Express logistics
  • Event logistics
  • Textile logistics
  • Special cargoes
  • Projects
  • Oversized loads (length, width and height)

Our experienced team at ATH ensures that your special freight gets to its destination safely and on time. We offer you a wide range of services that cover the entire delivery process from collection to delivery to you or your customer.

Time-critical deliveries

Your logistics project needs to be carried out in a hurry – and we offer you several services tailored for time-critical cargoes. We will gladly carry out your delivery by charter service or special trip. An on-board courier (OBC) also ensures particularly fast and personally supervised transport. To make sure we can offer you this service flexibly and at short notice, we keep on-board couriers on constant standby. And because rush orders do not always adhere to normal working hours, we take care of your concerns at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also make use of our overnight service.

Event logistics

Whether concerts, sports events and trade shows – the transport of musical instruments, equipment and scheduling requires skills and experience. Our team takes care of the logistics and freight forwarding for your event. We also deal with the procurement of special permits and the documentary formalities for you.

Textile logistics

Textiles usually consist of sensitive materials that can only be transported under special conditions. In textile logistics, the time factor plays a decisive role too, because the fast pace of the fashion industry requires great flexibility and short delivery times. Drawing on our years of experience and with the help of advanced technology such as bar code tracking and our fleet’s GPS system, we ensure the safe transport of your special fashion and lifestyle freight.

Sensitive or bulky cargo, hazardous goods

We deliver any cargo to its destination – even if they are particularly sensitive, perishable or hazardous goods. Our temperature-controlled transports provide ideal climatic conditions that meet the requirements of cargo and safety regulations. We also transport deliveries with excess lengths, widths or heights – safely and on time.

Realise your logistics project – with the ATH team. Whether special, express or standard transportation – we provide all services with competence and commitment. We look forward to your enquiry.