Reliable and flexible land transport from ATH

Our long-standing experience in land transport and road feeder services make us a reliable partner for all your road transport needs.

The ATH team makes sure that your shipment reaches its destination and is prepared for all situations. We use our own trucks to transport your freight to its destination – whether national or international. Our fleet is ideally equipped for shipments including special consignments of all kinds.

Our services in the field of land transport

Road feeder services from ATH

Whenever airports are not directly accessible by airline flights, road feeder services come into play. In this way, all European airports can be easily connected to each other. To ensure the safe transport of air freight pallets (ULD), all vehicles are equipped with air suspension and roller bed systems.

Special transports

Our fleet is equipped for special shipments such as hazardous materials and valuable cargoes. We transport perishable or climatically sensitive cargo at controlled temperatures and in compliance with the necessary legal regulations. The transport of oversized loads (regardless of length, width and height) is also no problem.

Documents and special permits – we take care of it

We ensure the safe and smooth transport of your delivery. We provide all required documentation for customs as well as special permits for Sundays and holidays and initiate the paperwork for export declarations. Thanks to our many years of experience, this is done quickly and easily. Special authorisation for consignments of up to 3 metres in width.

Our team, our trucks

Demanding projects require strong partners to implement them. Every ATH driver is trained to meet current guidelines and is ready for deployment at any time. To ensure proper transport of hazardous materials, all our employees are trained in accordance with the requirements of the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). In addition, all of our drivers meet the most current standards and appropriate security clearances.

  • Reliable and specially trained driving personnel
  • ADR-trained and safety-approved
  • Special authorisation for consignments of up to 3 metres in width
  • Special authorisation for Sundays and holidays as well as during the holiday ban on driving
  • State-of-the-art vehicle fleet

Our fleet is always up-to-date with the latest technological standards, and our EUR 6-compliant vehicles are equipped with GPS and security locks. In addition, air suspension systems ensure that your sensitive freight is transported safely and without jolting – even under heavy loading.

To ensure the maximum possible safety and environmental standards, we completely renew our fleet every 3 years.

Realise your logistics project – with the ATH team. Many years of experience in forwarding and logistics speak for us. Whether by land, air or sea, we always ensure that your cargo arrives safely and on time. Our competent team responds to every request individually and works together with you to find the right solution for your shipment. We will be happy to provide you with a personal quote.