Our fleet will take you further

Logistics requires a strong team of employees, a functioning infrastructure and state-of-the-art technical equipment. To make sure we always complete your order as reliably and quickly as possible, we place great value on having a well-equipped and modern fleet of vehicles. In this way, we make sure that your cargo gets its your destination via the best and safest route.

Transportation technology at the highest level

Your order is important to us, and that’s why we make sure that it is dealt with reliably and on time. We work with a fleet of vehicles that is always equipped with the latest technology. To guarantee this, we renew our entire fleet at least every 3 years. This means you can be sure that your cargo will be transported professionally using the best possible technical know-how and also the latest environmental requirements (EUR 6 standard).

What we offer

  • A vehicle fleet with branded EUR 6 standard vehicles
  • Caddies, Sprinters, and 40-tonne articulated trucks
  • Vehicles with air suspension
  • Roller bed systems
  • Mega- and semitrailers

Our special equipment

  • GPS-monitored vehicles
  • Semitrailers with safety locks
  • Calibrated refrigerated trailers with recording and printing function
  • Equipment for aviation logistics (such as aircraft engines, etc.)
  • Equipped with safety package (emergency brake assist), navigation and telematics systems

Our fleet consists of wholly owned and branded vehicles available in several sizes. We transport your freight in vehicles ranging in size from the Caddy up to the 40-tonner with a possible payload of up to 22,000 kg.

Thanks to air-sprung mega- and semitrailers, we transport your sensitive freight vibration-free and safely – even with larger loads. In combination with the latest roller-bed systems, we provide an efficient transport of your shipment over the entire transport route.

Your specialists in security

Security and efficiency are at the forefront of any logistics project. For this reason, we have equipped our fleet of vehicles with special equipment that makes the processes more economic and transport more secure. Our EUR 6 standard vehicles are equipped with GPS and traceable at all times (tracking). We provide additional security via semitrailers with safety locks.

To complete your project as quickly as possible, we use special navigation and telematics systems. That allows us to plan routes particularly efficiently. By using extendable trailers we can also respond flexibly to short-term changes and at the same time keep to the time frame.

Safety first

But even the best machines cannot do much without the right people: so we always work with technically competent drivers. In addition, our staff are trained according to the regulations of the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) for special tasks transporting hazardous goods.

In addition, our vehicles are also equipped with all current security packages: for example, the short-range radar (SRR) system ensures automatic emergency braking in an emergency situation.

The more special, the better

We are looking forward to your project – and the challenge. This also means: the more complex the task, the better. Whether delivery via land, air or sea freight, our team of experts implements all requests with a great deal of experience and expertise. We will be happy to work out a tailored solutions package for you.